Audrey Desler

(she/her + they/them)

1000 drawings in 1000 days

A couple years back, I challenged myself to do 100 illustrations in 100 days, posting them to Instagram daily, whether I was happy with them or not. The purpose was to be okay sharing something that didn’t feel perfect.

Once I got to 100, I thought I’d try 500. Once I reached 500, I thought I might try 1000.

AND I DID IT. 🎉  Two-and-a-half years later, I reached 1000. Here are some highlights.

Nipsey Hussle, American rapper, community activist, and entrepreneur, murdered at 33.

Perfecting those dribbling skills.

Giardia. The more you know. 🌈

Air Force One costs US taxpayers an estimated $200,000 per hour to operate. In one month alone, mostly for trips to his golf estate at Mar-a-Lago in FL, Trump racked up a $10 million tab. What do taxpayers get out of it? Dumb-ass tweets.

The heteropatriarchy on Tinder. 🤔

How to sabotage a first date.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Biggie Smalls. RIP. 

Just another calm day being bat-shit crazy.

Ok ladies now let’s get in formation.

Cooling off.


California fires.

Rampant racism.

Anyone else see a selfie stick and want to throw it off a cliff? I do.

A conversation between planets.