350.org is an international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of
fossil fuels and promote clean renewable energy for all. We do this through the lens of environmental justice, partnering with frontline communities and those adversely affected by the changing climate.  

As a volunteer member of the Arts Leadership team for 350.org (Portland chapter),
I help lead workshops and art-builds alongside some very passionate and talented people.

We make banners, puppets, sculptures, flags, signs, skits, and songs, because art is alot more successful at educating and convincing people of a message than just telling them the world is fucked.


T-shirt designs for fundraising, demonstrations, and volunteer gifts.


21 youth (ages 11-23) are collectively suing the U.S. government over their constitutional right to a liveable future in the face of climate change. June 2nd marked a momentious day in Portland, OR with a rally in Director’s Park following a court hearing. 

Myself, along with a team of volunteers, made 11 large-scale presidential puppets for the event. The purpose was to show, through a live performance, how each of these presidents had passed legislation that promoted more fossil fuel infrastructure.

Thousands turned up to watch the live-streamed court hearing, and to welcome all 21 youth defendents to the rally.

Making the presidents:


I helped plan and lead an art build to make materials for RISE UP, a global demonstration demanding climate action from local leaders.

Got to teach attendees how to screenprint! ︎

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