AIGA :: The Transparency Initiative

This initiative was developed to foster greater transparency around DEI efforts at creative, advertising, and marketing agencies in the greater Portland, Oregon metro region.

As the Design for Good Director of Portland’s AIGA chapter since mid-2020, I’ve spent the last 3 years developing and launching this initiative with a small and devoted group of volunteers.

The team:
Janet Gonzales / UX Designer, Strategy, Social Media Manager
Madi Graham / Web/UI Design, Strategy
Solar Zhu / Data Analyst, BI Developer
Odul Saroz / Design
Julia Taylor / Design
Cassie Crawford / Design
Grace Zielinski / Social Media

visual guidelines/system, website, surveys, social media, resource hubs, equity report

1. Foster greater transparency around DEI efforts in the Portland creative industry.
2. Provide resources that enable action.
3. Build this initiative with community every step of the way.

How we did it

In the beginning...

We partnered with Oregon State University’s FLUX team to help us develop our brand. FLUX is a junior/senior university student team that acts as a creative agency, taking on real-life projects with local organizations to get industry experience. Over the course of 10 weeks we worked together, along with HUB Collective (acting as mentor to OSU), to develop a logo, color palette, icon pack, and character library.  

With a solid visual base to build upon, we added typography and a graphic pack.

View the 2023 Portland Equity Report