As part of my 1,000 daily drawings series on Instagram, I try to pepper in some GIFs from time to time.

They're fun to make, and they bring an element of life and storytelling to my work that still images don't always have.

Just another calm day at the White House.

The more you know.

Air Force One costs US taxpayers an estimated $200,000 per hour to operate. In one month alone, mostly for trips to his golf estate at Mar-a-Lago in FL, Trump racked up a $10 million tab. What do taxpayers get out of it?
Dumb-ass tweets.


A conversation between planets.

Rockin’ some sweet new moves.

Institutional racism is rampant.

The more you know. 

Cooling off.
Walk-ins only.

︎  QUEEN  ︎

Retirement goals

Cuz damn, they happen.

Anyone else see a selfie stick and want to throw it off a cliff?
I do.