Oregon Health Authority

[above: downtown Portland, OR across from Powell’s Books]

The goal:
To reduce the racial disparity in COVID-19 vaccination rates by creating clear, trusted pathways for Black, Latinx and Native American people to get a vaccine.

The brief:
To create state-wide, trauma-informed, 360 campaigns to address these persistent disparities and build back trust in government-sponsored messaging.  

The challenge:
The news of Covid is changing every day. The combination of new variants, mistrust of the vaccine, ongoing EUA expansion to younger age groups, and racial trauma surrounding medical experimentation provided ongoing challenges during these rapidly shifting times.

The solution:
Our solution was to work closely with local BIPOC-led community organizations, families, and individuals to tell their stories in the creative. It centered who this campaign was truly meant to serve. We made sure to minimize shame in our messaging, and honor people’s ongoing desire to connect with trusted information about the vaccines and boosters, especially when it involved their children.  

Associate Creative Director

The team:
Joon Chattigre / copy
Melissa Delzio / design lead
Samantha Feld / design
Claire Miyamoto / design
Marian Hammond / strategy lead
Cody Ross Romero / strategy
Helen Qing / media buy
Tracy Nguyen-Chung / production

billboards, transit, mall, digital ads, social ads, infographics, animations, posters, print ads, broadcast (tv + radio), and canvassing materials.

Photography by Celeste Noche + Justin Katigbak.

For maximum campaign coverage, our media buy included hundreds of OOH placements across the state of Oregon.

Kiosk placements at Oregon’s Clackamas Towne Center. We utilized QR codes on layouts for easier access to online info about COVID -19.

Tired of staying at home and eager to have fun, people started venturing out to do the things they love again. We placed media buys at the MODA Center for fan visibility during NBA season.

Go Blazers!

Research showed that people trusted the messaging less when it was overly-designed. So we utilized the UI used in social apps to simplify and relate back to the platforms so heavily being used at home during the pandemic.

animations by Samantha Feld

Holiday guidance

With lots of travel expected in the coming weeks and Covid cases steadily rising, we developed CDC-based guidance around how best to gather with friends and family.

[above: East Burnside St. in Portland, OR]